Beta bid day in the spring of 2014

    When the colony returned at the beginning of the 2013-2014 Academic Year, Beta Recruitment Officers Tom Martin, Daen Epka, Alex Gardner, and Brock Griffin reached out to the Puget Sound community to gather interest in Beta’s return to the Puget Sound campus. The colony received great enthusiasm from other fraternities and sororities, the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), the Pan-Hellenic Council, and Moe Stephens, the Assistant Director of Greek Life at Puget Sound.

    The Delta Epsilon Colony gained 16 Founding Fathers during Formal Recruitment in Spring 2014. In addition to the 9 Founding Fathers given bids before Formal Recruitment and 5 active members initiated before the chapter was closed, the Colony continued to recruit the remaining 12 Founding Fathers over the remaining three months of the spring semester. The Colony completed the Member Education process and the pledging process culminated in the Initiation Ceremony occurring on Saturday, April 12, 2014. 

    Our Founding Fathers come from all over the country and share numerous backgrounds. Through our fraternal bond we have begun to work as a brotherhood to promote the Beta Vision on the Puget Sound campus and to usher in a new era of Beta Theta Pi—Delta Epsilon Chapter at the University of Puget Sound. Every Founding Father is motivated and thrilled with the opportunity to develop the colony’s voice and presence at this campus and beyond. 

    The colony of Beta Theta Pi at University of Puget Sound boasts student leaders in residence life, student government, social justice organizations, student-run clubs, and other positions. With our collective strength and commitment to brotherhood, the men of Beta Theta Pi hope to participate in leading the way for positive change in how Greek Life relates with the UPS campus and the city of Tacoma.

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